Will Snakes Crawl Over A Rope?


This is a question that we get asked a lot here at the snake farm. And the answer is… it depends!

There are over 3000 species of snakes in the world so it’s impossible to give a definitive answer. Some snakes are more likely to crawl over a rope than others but it really depends on the individual snake.

Here are some factors that will affect whether or not a snake will crawl over a rope:

1. The Size Of The Snake

The larger the snake the less likely it is to crawl over a rope. Snakes are very good at climbing but they need something to grip onto. A small snake can easily grip onto a rope with its scales but a large snake might not be able to get a good grip.

2. The Type Of Snake

Some snakes are more likely to crawl over a rope than others. For example rat snakes and garter snakes are known for their climbing ability. On the other hand pythons and boas are not good climbers.

3. The Surface Of The Rope

The smoother the surface of the rope the less likely a snake is to crawl over it. Snakes need something to grip onto so a rope with a rough surface is more likely to be climbed than a smooth one.

4. The Temperature

The warmer it is the more likely a snake is to be active. Snakes are cold-blooded animals so they like to bask in the sun to warm up. If it’s too cold they’re less likely to be active and more likely to be curled up in a ball.

5. The Time Of Day

Snakes are more likely to be active during the day so they’re more likely to crawl over a rope during the daytime. At night they’re more likely to be resting in their hide.

So will snakes crawl over a rope? It depends!